Life is about identity and mentality. Identity is individualistic in Nature. Over 7 billion people on planet earth with every individual with a unique finger print differ to others in comparison.

There could be similarities in faces and names, yet there are disparities in the character of each individual when compared to others.

Even though this lecture is designed for the Soaring Eagle’s Youth Academy, yet there is depth of knowledge inherent the lecture for all and sundry, especially for attained and aspiring Leaders both at the top echelon of all profession and middle managers or even job performers that are at the bottom of the Leadership ladder.

The eagle is a special bird among other bird species in their millions. The eagle carves its niche through exemplary quality and leadership character and Charisma, hence every organization prefer and adopts the eagle’s image as logo because of its rarity of identity and class of dignity.

May your mentality be boosted is this lecture I pray


Ideally, the eagle’s life span is in between 30/70 years.

30 years for normal life span.

70 years for abnormal life span because it takes abnormal activity for the eagle to live beyond thirty years of age.

The identity mentality of the eagle is forced into the young eaglets mentally at, say between the first 3months of its arrival at the eagle’s family.

Within this period, the mother eagle coaches the baby eagle to fly by taking flight tests more often.


Such eaglet’s age can be a measured with a youthful age when compared to that of the human being.

The best time for individual identity discovery is during the youthful age, if not, the energy deposited within the individual youth could be mismanaged due to lack of knowledge and identity ignorance.


I discovered by research that every individual identity is three in dimension just like man is basically a triune Nature (the spirit soul and body).


 The first identity is Celestial Identity:

Celestial identity is individual’s connectivity with divinity.
Every individual is created by God but some individual are ignorant of who created them hence they serve lesser gods because they’ve lost their Celestial Identity.

Celestial Identity is the individual direct connectivity to the 3rd heaven where the Almighty God dwells! Such connectivity is via your spirit.

Celestial Identity is knowing whom you are individually as an heavenly citizen on earth.


Terrestrial identity is the individual placement on planet Earth. The best earthly placement an individual can get on earth is through the display of one’s Talent and gifts. But it takes a creative mind (soul) to ascertain, generate and activate individual relevance on earth, hence I define mind as:

  • Mental
  • Investment
  • Notable
  • Development

It takes a thinking youth to access this realm.

So many Youth in Africa are wasting away their talents and gift because they refuse to think, so they keep sticking to immoral activities in vogue, so such Youth are bound to stink tomorrow!

Productivity thinking brought back the prodigal son.

Wake-up African Youth, time is running out, if you don’t wake up from your slumber, you’re bound to end as slippers!


Industrial identity has to do with your skills. What you can do with your hands. Skillful people are good at their jobs, so they don’t lose their job.

Industrial identity is the use of your human body through productivity and handwork.

A playing Youth today is bound to end-up a begging man/woman tomorrow.

Dr. David Oyedepo said: Hard work is the cure for hard life, and I believe so I said by adding these: Hard work + Smart thought= High life.

  • This is where the eagle distinguishes itself among the other birds.
  • Genetic Security mentality of the eagle is an art of sexual discipline.
  • The eagle doesn’t believe in multiple sex partners.
  • The eagle doesn’t accept casual sexual relationship.
  • The eagle doesn’t fall for sexual temptations.


The eagle understands the gravity of royalty. The eagle knows that the genetic semen drop of a special bird into a common bird is bound to cumulate in a mix-breed.

Mix-breeding is the genesis of mix-multitude, mix-multitude is the foundation for birthing bastards and vagabonds in society and such societal misfits and products are what we call terrorists today.

Such terrorists are invaders and destroyers of territories.

Apparently-The eagles will never accept sharing its territory with such nonentities.

Therefore, becoming an eagle youth,

  • Casual sex must be avoided as plague.
  • You must understudy your spouse to be.
  • To become great in life is to walk with the great.
  • To walk with the great is to first learn the character of the great.
  • Great minds think alike, so also small minds think alike.

Zig Ziglar said, I quote “You can’t be scratching the ground with the turtles and expect to fly with the eagles”

  • The gene of a man is deposited in the semen.
  • The semen of a man contains such man’s potentials, gifts and virtues.

And your potentials, gifts & talents is the sum total of your glory.

Meanwhile. your glory is your greatness.

So, guide your private part from corruption and contamination just as the Eagle is preaching.

  • Samson lost his glory to Delilah’s laps.
  • Ahab lost his royalty to Jezebels witchcraft.

You must not lose yours to carelessness.


“It takes responsibility mentality to avoid Laxity tenacity”

            The eagle’s family believes in taking responsibility with a sense of duty.

In the family of the eagle, the father eagle’s duty is prey hunting why  the mother eagle nurtures and train the eaglets.

But the eaglets must be responsible for its personal food at the age of 6month.

Laxity and cowardice is a taboo to eagle’s family.

The eaglet is bound to go hunting at a designated age bracket or else the mother eagle is forced to pull down the entire family house and to live in the cleft.

As a youth, you must avoid blaming anyone for your failure or praising anyone for your success.

If you play with today you will most likely become a prey in the future, you must learn to take responsibility NOW.

Your parent failure is not your failure, life is a personal race.

You must reason your way out of poverty and mediocrity.

The prodigal reasoned his way out of such

  • Waiting for whom to help is to waste away.
  • Looking for whom to blame is to end up lame.
  • Go to work, poor job, rich job, just work.
  • We have seen janitors becoming directors.
  • We have also heard of directors becoming janitors.
  • There is dignity in every labour.

Responsibility mentality means discipline, to be enlisted among great disciples

You must be disciplined. Especially time discipline.

My definition of time is:





Everything in life walks with time.

If your life is suddenly terminated without engaging your time what will be written on your obituary

  • Just as life is terminable.
  • So also time is terminable.
  • So discipline your life by investing your time.

The eagle is a resourceful thinker. Such resourceful thinking distinguishes the eagle from other birds, especially during a harsh weather storm.

While other birds are flying against the wind and crashing, meanwhile the eagle only soar in the face of terrible wind because of mental smartness through resourceful thinking and articulacy.

Resourceful mentality is the mental generation of an accurate IDEA tangible enough as solution to handle the situation with precision.

“Other birds flap their wings before the wind but the eagle locks its wings before the wind”.

Such wisdom helps the eagle conserve energy.

The difference between other birds/eagle is their individual thinking capacity while other birds are flying & crashing. The eagle observes & understudy the wind.

“While other birds are at the mercy of the wind, the eagle ride majestically on the wind”.

What is the difference – Information!

  • To become an eagle youth, you need information. It takes information to experience transformation, to be uninformed is to be deformed.

I define information as: In for a mission

Until you are sold to a mission, you don’t need information.

While education is acquired from class room.

Information is acquired through Research.

Research simply means: Recent aquisition & Search

Until you Read, you can’t lead.[recent exploits acquisition directory]

Reading helps in leading in every field.[learn exploits acquisition directory]

Reading is adding  a leader’s knowledge to yours; such acquired knowledge gives an Edge over your other peers.

  • John Maxwell began to attend conference @ 15.
  • Bill Gates began reading & searching @ 12.
  • Warren Buffet began his entrepreneurial research @ 11.
  • Jesus began sitting and asking doctors of the law at 12.

No wonder they are all great!

Every true greatness is traceable to an information. To know what others don’t know is to become a sought after by others

Becoming a sought after is becoming vital

As a youth – start reading, start searching and start thinking.

Even though you’re thin today but you must likely become King tomorrow in your chosen career!


In the family of the eagle, loyalty is a necessity.

The mother eagle is loyal to the father eagle, so also the father eagle.

The loyalty level of the eagle’s family is so deep to the point that it doesn’t permit betrayal, infidelity, promiscuity and insensitivity.

  • Divorce is a taboo within the eagle’s marriage, except either of the parties dies!
  • Eagle’s doesn’t eat on the way, every prey is brought home as food for all.
  • Eagle’s forbids extra marital affairs, unlike other birds and even lions.
  • Eagle’s believes in maintaining a relationship hence it takes time to build one.

So, developing yourself into a leadership eagle as a youth you must understand the place of loyalty in life.

  • Loyalty is upholding your personal integrity and at the same time maintaining the confidence vested in you by others without compromising. The foundation for loyalty is the building up of one’s: integrity, honesty and which is the sum total of character.

Good character is the foundation for loyalty.




While Joseph was an employee, he was loyal to a point that he preferred facing life imprisonment threat to sleeping with his boss wife!


This is why couples are meant to take oath during wedding so as to declare their individual everlasting loyalty to their partners.


We learnt about the peculiarities in the ancient scripture, how for generations, a set of tribe refuse the intake of alcohol and building of houses just by the word of their dead ancestor, named Rechabite.

Their predecessor’s comment became a trans generational law – And God endorsed such loyalty!


The word eternal means everlastingly.

In the ancient scripture we are told of three youth who refused bowing down to idols because of their addicted loyalty to God almighty.

Even though the King had them thrown into a 7 multiplication   fiery furnace yet, Shedrach, Meshach & Abednego refused to compromise their stand!

Loyalty has dividends:

  • Joseph loyalty to God & Photipher announced him in the palace with a mega change, where he became Prime minister and Senators’ lecturer without CV.
  • David demonstrated his youthful loyalty to Jonathan in death, by making his crippled son a Senator.
  • Your youthful loyalty today is a potential for your prosperity tomorrow-this is the story of Joseph, Daniel, Esther and Nehemiah!

Most often, I have said at each opening of my leadership lectures that life is a warfare and not a funfair.

To live for fun is to die for fun. Only those with warfare mentality usually conquer others with funfair mentality.

In the light of the above, brutality mentality is a necessity for purpose achievement in life.

Life will never yield to demand but life only responds to our command.

While demanders are usually denied, commanders are granted their desires!

There are 3 ways I discovered that the eagle display brutality without apology:

  1. Brutality in raising Successors.
  2. Brutality in overpowering its preys.
  3. Brutality in recreating itself.


  • Brutality is what holds way in the in the jungle because life in the jungles is predominantly survival of the fittest.
  • The eagle’s brutality in the wildlife business is a necessity if not – No brutality, No survival.
  • Without the engagement of brutality activity in the wild life business both the eagle and its family are bound to suffer, starvation and die of malnutrition.


            David was a youth with a grown development in brutality mentality, because all through his youth, he was left to keep the sheep in the forest which was a common ground for all wild animals.

Without such brutality mentality, he couldn’t have dared challenging Goliath, let alone killing him.

As a youth – You need brutality mentality:

  • Stop pitying yourself , start punishing yourself.
  • Stop praising yourself, start polishing yourself.
  • Stop sleeping away your life

To sleep today is to become slippers tomorrow.

Don’t accept failure as your portion you’re not created for failure.

Education or lack of education, it is the use of potentials & talents that makes people successful.

David’s brothers were qualified by training through national provisions & infrastructures but they failed the test of becoming King and that of killing Goliath!

  • David scaled through.
  • Joseph scaled through.
  • You can scale through
  • And you will scale through
  • But work on yourself!

This is the final disposition of the eagle’s mentality series.

Eagle’s potentially lives up to 70years before final death, but at age 30, the eagle’s begin to notice diminishing return on its bodily system.

Such affects:

  • Beak – Mouth.
  • Talons – Finger.
  • Feather – Arms.

Such weakened experience affects the creativity and productivity identity of the eagle, thereby making the eagle vulnerable to its environment and wild life space.


Some eagle dies in the process but some face the challenge by embarking on rebirth retreat.

Such retreat is done on a very high lonely mountain. The process takes 5-6 months depending on individual eagle.

The eagle destroys the old beak-mouth (head), the talons-fingers, feathers.

The eagle survives by water & honey for 5/6 months. After such experience, new eagle is born and fresh exploits is generated and extra 40 years is added!

Youth Personal Recreation

Stop looking for who to blame or else you become lame.

You can, if only you’re prepared to take personal responsibility for personal possibilities.

The Eagle performed surgery on 3 AREAS:



  • Change your old way of thinking so you won’t die stinking.
  • Start making friends with great thinkers and not cheap talkers among your peers.
  • Believe you can make it by thinking you will make it.
  • Challenge your thinking faculty by reading successful men stories.
  • If you learn the secrets of the wise-you’ll become wise.
  • If you learn the secrets of the great you’ll become great, but if you keep making friends with failure, you are bound to end up a failure. Begin to document your thought in a book, very soon your thoughts will soon manifest into your world and your world is bound to affect the World!



Go and work with your hands. Lay hold on the available job.

Become the provider of your needs by meeting your needs through work.

You may not like the available job, but very soon, while you’re doing such job, a connection is coming on your way to take you to next level!

“If you don’t work, you will become worse”


  • Separate your outing clothes from your domestic clothes.
  • Don’t put on bathroom slippers while outing – you’re a King, behave like one.
  • Prepare your clothes ahead of every occasion to avoid rough appearance.
  • Don’t eat in the morning without brushing.
  • Don’t keep wearing shoes without polishing them.
  • Don’t appear where you’re not invited because it’s better to be celebrated than to be tolerated.
  • Develop your spoken English through literature reading and not dirty slangs.
  • Above all, develop your spirit by giving attention to meaningful spiritual programmes so that you can conquer all through.




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