It is high time the Church of Jesus come out of the woods!
The poverty monster has beclouded the church of Jesus for many generations hitherto, especially in Africa! Not because the Church lack inherent potentials for wealth generation capacity but because most church leaders lack the foresight for Church–Wealth generation!
The wealth stored in for the church of Jesus by God is inexhaustible because gold and silver belongs to God originally! But it will cost a degree of wisdom for the church in general to experience the reality of this wealth.
Church-Wealth is a reality! Thank God some church leaders in Africa have been used of God to break the poverty jinx by crossing the line demarcating poverty and prosperity. But there are still many local churches that are suffering under the poverty monster not because poverty monster is that strong but due to such leaders ignorance.[Hosea 4:6]
Programs upon programs are being drawn from week to week, month to month and year to year. 21 days to 70 days fasting programs are being scheduled every calendar year yet the local churches are yet to gain liberty from financial captivity because church leaders lack the understanding of Church Business Realities!
Church Business Realities was prepared as a resource to create a productive structure for our local church navigation out of financial stagnation and membership frustration into prosperity and affluence!
The first question in the minds of some members after hearing the lecture title is most likely this. The answer is also scriptural- NEH 11:6,22  & Acts 6:3
I want you to understand clearly that the first Will of God for His Church on planet earth is holistic prosperity with a passion- Zech 1:14-17,Haggai 2:1-9, 1 corn.16:1-3, 3 John 1:2
Part of the redemptive package of the Church equally includes prosperity [Rev.5:7-12]. Please also remember that God gave the church power to get wealth even before the time He began the Church movement in the Old Testament through Moses, because known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world. God knew THE CHURCH cannot be established without the provision of supernatural prosperity-Exodus 3:21-22, 12:34-36, Deut.8:18.
Without financial prosperity no Church on earth on planet earth is going to stand strong and tall, let alone take dominion over the world, hence the bible accepts and recorded that financial prosperity answers ALL things [Church inclusive] Eccl. 7:12,10:19.
This is also one of the numerous questions in people’s hearts.
  • We have cleared out the fact that God’s will for His Church is absolute prosperity.
  • We also see that He covenanted prosperity with Abraham, Isaac and Jakob also for their seeds yet unborn then but now born and named the Church.
  • Without Church Business:
The channel for heavenly blessings may be inaccessible speedily
The poor brethren will continually be frustrated within the church, [such can generate hatred]
The needs of the church will not be met directly. Even where such needs are met, it will constitute a burden on the few who volunteer after a while.
This could also lead to the rich few living the church because of constant needs and could make them feel proud, and such is dangerous their faith and the local assembly itself.
The few who might not live may be tempted to control the church resources, activities, leadership etc.
The church may also fail in her community social responsibilities such as welfare, medical-care, scholarships, widow’s empowerment etc.
In summary where there is no sign of prosperity in the church, such local such church is soon become relegated and irrelevant within the community. When such happens, she shall eventually lose credibility in the society at large and then finally become silent forever!
To experience a perfect Church Business Realities, the local church must include church business creation program as one of the 12 pillars of church management.
Note –Please note that Church Business Realities is abbreviated as CBR from this point!
  • Members and congregation must be well informed on the necessity of CBR as one of the fundamentals of productive church management structure.
  • Members must also be aware that CBR is scriptural [ Neh. 11:6,22. Acts. 6:3]
  • A CBR COMMITTEE should be set up within the local church assembly whose duty is to see to the establishment of this project.
  • The criteria for choosing this committee must be scriptural and in line with- Acts 6:1-6. Which means the men [and women] must have the proven qualities of :
  • Good report-quality character
  • Full of the Holy Ghost-spirituality
  • Wisdom- sensitivity, informed.
There are various types of genuine business the church can delve into but there are major businesses that should be considered as primaries for every local church:
Farm business is full of potentials. Farm business proceeds and produce and profit solves the needs of food in the church.
It provides job and finance after a short period with good management.  i.e. fishing, livestock, snail, cassava, corn, tomatoes and pepper, yams, beans, cucumber, cocoa yam, plantain, banana etc.
School business is equally good because it is not immediately the school commence its operations that Government begins to demand for registration but it is also good if the school is registered before operation commence. Professional advice must be consulted in this area.
Some of the local church members can equally benefit from such venture by introducing their immediate and extended family to the school. Church members are sure to become the pioneers of the school. Church facility can equally be converted to class rooms during the week and a non service day.
It means both pupils and teachers that should pioneer the school are already seated in the church!
Entertainment is what is in vogue.
Secular or gospel, it is the same equipments that usually required to produce quality sounds and recordings.
What is required here is bring on board a professional music teacher so as to improve the idea for music expertise. The church facility is training ground and church equipments raw materials. From this effort the church can develop musical groups, adopt a stage name, sow uniforms for easy identification, print handbills and give it quality publicity to create awareness and before you know it the local church name is all over the place, but the focus must be the gospel! Whoever among the group who is interested in secular music should do such outside the church immediate environment!
DRAMA also could be added but it must also centre on Christian religion!
 Business development is a precept that should undergo a creative plan and due process so as it could end up productive. Under this chapter I deem it feet to introduce one among my business resources titled: Understanding Business Fundamentals.
This is most churches begin to face challenges!
Whatever step the local church takes here is bound to either grow or ground the church.
Let us learn from biblical principles.
Don’t forget that CBR itself is a strategy for productive church growth following the opportunities that are accrued to the venture when it eventually sees the light of the day [ACTS.6:3-7]
  • Church business project
The project should be flagged off on one of the Sundays, after the committee must have been consecrated. The flag off should be supported by likely scripture so the congregation can understand that church leaders are not practicing worldliness.[1 chr.26:29-30,Nehemiah 11:16,22b, LK.2:49]
NOTE- THE BUSINESS IN QUESTION IS NOT OWN BY ANYBODY EXCEPT THE CHURCH! Not even the church leaders or overseers but such is created to serve the needs of the church like one of the church service groups, hence the above scriptures said business for the house of GOD.
Therefore business ownership = God + church!
  • Church business project funding
From the data of the project launching a purse is already created supernaturally in heaven for the project. Just as heaven begins to bless project partners so also God’s breath comes upon the project and upon the partners equally.
For accountability sake, there must be documentation of all deposits made into such account. Then it is necessary to create a form as to guide depositors and also for the church to use such as point of contact when praying for the partners. Any member who is interested to partake in such kingdom partnership can endorse his or her membership data for the records but such:
Partnership and giving is strictly voluntary!!![ EXO. 25:1-9,Hagai 2;1-9]
This summit is majorly for two reasons:
  • To intimate the church on the extent to which God has proved His faithfulness on the project by revealing the accomplished feats and the next phase of the project and other challenges facing the project. This will help and encourage partners to give more [Haggai 2;1-4]
  • It is also for the priest over the church to release priesthood blessings upon the partners who have made his kingdom visions and assignment possible by their selfless support. The church priest can also invite his/her kingdom friends to join in blessing the partners.
And the priest can also prepare meals to complement the summit, and am sure this will provoke some other members of the congregation to join.[Haggai 2;5-9,Num 6;22-27,Philp 4;13-19]
  • It is also advisable that an invited quest should give a lecture on prosperity accessibility via   sacrificial giving towards kingdom projects and benefits, all part of this event should be covered       by photographs and video for record purposes.
 Such event is meant to end with an impartation service.
Such impartation is a target to provoke God’s prosperity on the partners who deem it fit to sow into the kingdom business by laying down their hard earned income for the gospel of our Lord Jesus. The lead pastor MUST of a necessity prepare himself or rather request the invited  guest-pastor prepare himself/ herself spiritually by praying and fasting before and during such event. We all understand that each kingdom leader carries certain unction, but we also do know Jesus our high priest and perfect example said to his disciples:
Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. Mat.17:21
 Such spiritual preparation is holistically geared towards the move of God for the release of the unction of prosperity on the partners in accordance with scriptures![Gen.27:1-29, Deut. 8:18,Philip 4:13-19]
This is the brevity of Church Business Realities.
 Watch out for Noble Church Character and The Balanced Church!
Dominion PD. Oluyadi
President- Practical Leadership Bible Institute
Lagos- Nigeria

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