The kingdom of God is too dynamic for any individual to assume it is limited to the four walls of the Church. Church leadership conclusion of the phrase “Committed and Faithful Servant” when referring to church ministers is not the whole truth! You can be a committed and faithful Servant of GOD without running any church or para-church ministry. You can also be a servant of God without being recognized by any local church. You can also be a Committed God Servant without being identified with any major kingdom title!

  • God declared Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzer to be His servants yet none of them was a Jew!
  • God told Abimelech that Abraham was a prophet yet no knew him to be so.
  • Joseph and Daniel were committed and faithful servants of God even though in public services!
  • Job was the most committed and faithful servant of God in his days yet he was a business man.

This was one of the reasons Apostles introduced by Jesus so there could be a change of orientation in the church leadership mentality because most times what we call committed and faithful servant is based on religion.

NOTE- Apostle Peter could have restricted general Cornilius from accepting the Gospel of Jesus because of the mentality of religion mentality-thank God for the Holy Ghost intervention.

In the same vein there are many among the body of Christ that is recognized by heaven as Committed and Faithful Servants of God without any church position.



The foundation for total commitment and faithfulness in God’s service is personal identity understanding.

There are three vital aspects of man that is important that one should know and understand if one must maximize his kingdom servanthood and faithful service.

Personal identity comprises of : Celestial, Terrestrial and Industrial.[pls visit my blog for resource]



  • You can’t be committed and faithfully accepted by God until you discover your personal vineyard- SOS 1:6. There is a difference between: the vineyards and mine vineyards [pst.Agboola’s case].
  • In order not to run in vain you must search out your right hand of fellowship- Gal.2:7-9.




Before heaven can pass any judgment on your credibility as faithful servant of God it must on the bases of your personal mandate. Personal mandate dynamics comprises of

a-Identity- delivers from being a nonentity.

b- Authority-is what makes you authentic even in the spirit realm.

c- Territory- Helps you avoid being a terrorist or being terrorized.

d- Security- where the celestial and terrestrial corporate to ensure your total well by provisions.

E- Accountability- your sincere demonstration of gratitude to God and mentors who made you.

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Availability counts in the kingdom than ability.

Our kingdom ability is developed overtime subconsciously as we get addicted to our individual assignment.

  • God has the absolute ability- Romans 3:I3.
  • God demands our availability –Eziek. 22: 29-30.

Kingdom availability thrives on three dimensions:

  1. Availability to GOD- worship, prayers, studies, intercession and meditation.

Attention to God increase our strength, wisdom and confidence [isiah 40:31,jn.4:20-23, JER.3:33].

  1.      Availability to your mission- your kingdom servanthood is demonstration is approved through

the visitation of your vineyard sheep because you are their ordained shephered.

The productivity of the the sheep is the responsibility of the shephered through the consistent                        through the serving of nutritious meal regularly. [ Eziek. 34:1-15,1Corn.4:1-2,1Tim.4:1-5]

  1.    Availability to minister and family- If you don’t pay attention to yourself and family, you may                                            become unfaithful in the process
  • You must be committed to yourself – Mk.6:30-31.
  • You must be committed to your family –Exodus 18:1-7..

Bible reading- mat.24:45= question

Bible reading- mat 25:21=answer

Kingdom faithfulness servanthood is the combination of  character/wisdom.

Character is your personal holiness.

Wisdom is your personal gifts/skills.

NOTE-“ Committed and faithfulness in kingdom service is majorly made possible through the importation and exportation of our kingdom kingship and kingdom priesthood”!  

  • CELESTIAL GIFTS- are made available to PRIESTS for priesthood responsibilities.
  • TERRESTRIAL GIFTS- are made available to KINGS for kingship responsibilities.

NB: You must create an avenue for the use of your gifts in God’s kingdom.

Your gifts will bring more resources than your fasting and prayers.

  • Prayer and fasting is required for church growth and stability.
  • Gifts and talents are required for the supplies of resources needed for church expansion.[exo. 31:1-6]

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