The saturation of mandate in the minds of many around the world has swallowed up the reality of the authencity of mantle. You can literarily here someone and somewhere around you mention the word “mandate” on daily bases but the word “mantle” is very scarce among the commonest of men! As much as an individual’s mandate is hidden in terms of general identification and physical reality, yet its popularity has overwhelmed the mentality of majority of humanity as if mandate itself is tangible!
Apparently, mantle, of which is tangible and also gives validity to the authencity of every genuine mandate, but has no popular recognition and adoration among humanity as it should .Not even by its beneficiaries, except sometimes on special occasion- what a paradox!
I have been speaking on mandate dynamics in our International Mandate Summit series since it commenced. So I’m only going to speak briefly on it in this segment.
Personal mandate is the holistic discovery, understanding and management of an individual’s personal identity dynamics on earth. A complete mandate has the five cardinals attached to every individual with a specific assignment on earth:
  • Identity- The personality with whom a particular assignment is attached.
  • Territory- is personal job description and portfolio on special assignment
  • Authority- Is the authentic audacity given to everyone to carry out personal mandate on earth.
  • Security- Is the immunity clause attached to an individual with specific assignment [s] officially. Both physical provisions and protection. Such immunity is limited to the individual’s official jurisdiction and immediate family.
  • Accountability- is the reference and gratitude to your creator and mentors, whose shoulders gave you the needed feathers to fly in life stormy weathers!
  • Mantle is the instrument of office with which an individual carries out his mandate without major impediment within the jurisdiction of such implementation.
  • Mantle is the proof which authenticates a genuine mandate’s validity.
  • Mantle is the open reality of a mandate that was enacted in the secret.
  • Mantle is the endorsement of a valid visa on a valid passport which enables its carrier transit without molestation and humiliation within the itemized jurisdictions!
  • Mantle is the color that gives every mandate radiation etc.
                                    MANDATE AND MANTLE DISPARITIES
  • Personal revelation: rhema – Open confirmation:  signs/wonders.
  • Personal understanding and conviction - Subject to public acceptability and conviction.
  • Spiritual expression - Physical application.
  • Speaks in silence                                           -It has a public voice.
  • Attracts one follower per time [YOU] -Instantly attracts followership.[both good/bad]
  • It cannot be investigated by the public.  -It can be investigated with time.
  • It’s your personal office [define the title].  –it’s your performance[it’s about your task]
  • [Positional]heavenly recognition on earth –It’s the proof of your earthly position[in quote]
  • It is your industrial raw material       -    It is your finished product.
  • It’s for your personal consumption. –It is meant for public consumption.
  • Practically invisible -it is practical and tangible.
  • It is customized in nature. –It can be duplicated and replicated.
  • Cannot be adulterated -Can be adulterated and falsified.
  • It’s the call -It’s the gift given to support the call/called.
  • It’s the character.   -It’s the charisma[but cant last long without character]
  • Its force draws people. –it keeps and lead the people[depends on the mandated]
  • It’s your priesthood [spiritual mgt.] –It’s your kingship [leadership management/skills].
  • It can be cancelled[Eli, Saul] -Can be manipulated and withdrawn[Samson]
  • Genuine one has no sides effect – mantle has a lot of sides effect, fake or real.[Nadab/Abihu].

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