Uncommon proofs in ministry comes with uncommon task.Uncommon task is a provision of God in awaiting the minister who should come and cultivate and activate the ingredients that is to culminate in uncommon proofs. (Prov. 25:2)

It takes preparatPion to experience manifestation. Preparation as it were is in degrees.

A local designation ministry and a global designation ministry do not have a common destination.

Helicopter flies in the sky, Airplane flies in the sky, yet they possess different capacities.

  • There are tomatoes ministries
  • There are maize ministries
  • There are yam ministries
  • But there are palm tree ministries

Ask your neighbour – which category do you fall into?

If you don’t prepare you won’t be preferred

If you don’t prepare long, you won’t be preferred for long

If you don’t prepare, well enough won’t be preferred well enough

Tell your Neighbour – continue your preparation!!!


The individual minister purpose in life is deeply rooted in the very minister being able to ascertain his or personal identity on earth (Judge 9:8-15)

Three (3) Types of Identity:

  • Celestial identity – spirit
  • Therestial identity – soul
  • Industrial identity – body (Exo. 31:1-6)


  • IDENTITY (13-16)
  • TERRITORY (18)
  • AUTHORITY (19)
  • SECURITY (Luke 10: 7, 19)

Themysteries of the kingdom are the secrets of God, suchmysteries are accessible in a minister’s SECRET IS PLACE (Mk 4:11)


God has kept a lot of secrets, searching for those whom he will share them with God shares is his secret with whomever he wants depending on the purpose per time.

If you think the bible is a complete secret of God totally, then you have missed it. (1Corn. 2:9, Act 29: 29. Job 11:1-9)Samuel /Eli


  • A meeting point between humanity & divinity
  • A place of separation unto God (Prov. 18:1)
  • A place heavenly instruction via a still small voice
  • Place where God manifest his presence to his chosen vessel.
  • A place of private worship & praise
  • A place where human weakness is exchange for divine strength
  • The secret place is where the earth is connected to heaven (Gen.28:11-17)

Inability is converted to ability where there is total availability to divinity!

Waiting on God is not wasting for God – (Isaiah 40:31)

Every according to the time of life prophesy usually culminate unto uncommon proofs (Isaiah 6:8; Eze. 22:30) UNCOMMON PROOFS


Most ministers have never carried out any research outside their bibles confinement. One thing is to be called another is to acquire the relevant knowledge that will help boost your calling

You need books

  • Daniel excelled above all politicians in Babylon because of books (Dan 9:2) he had uncommon proofs
  • Paul excelled above all other Apostles because of books (2 Tim 4:13) uncommon proof
  • Jesus discovered his mission documented in a book (Luke 4:16-21)
  • The speed and exploits of Bishop Oyedepo in ministry today is rooted majorly in books – uncommon proofs

What is books? breaking open of knowledge seals (Isaiah 29:11-12)


Those who lack mentors usually run mental!!

No minister can continuously generate proofs in ministry without having a mentor over his/her ministering.


  • MOSES/JETHRO (Exo. 18)
  • Even though he had a Mega church – he obeyed Jethro!!!
  • There are general mentors.
  • And there are God ordain mentors.
  • General mentors are instructors.
  • God ordain mentors are fathers.
  • “Flying without the feather of a father is to loose your feathers in a stormy weather”.
  • When you loose your feathers, you cant go further (jer. 6:16, 1corn. 4:14-16)


Saul was fool of himself; he thought he was a prophet, forgetting that prophets are in different categories

  • He disobeyed Samuel - He lost his mantle 1sam 13:13-15.
  • He persuade David to Samuel – He became mental 1sam 18-24.
  • He ended up consulting witchcraft & sorcery
  • Little little errors eventually leads to horrors.


It takes mentorship to understanding the methods, when you understand more methods, you end up a Methodist.

Elisha remain under the mentorship of Elijah forever, even though Elisha was very tough!!!.

Just as river Jordan obeyed Elijah it also obeyed Elisa – 2kg 3:13 -16.

When the 50 sons of the prophet saw the uncommon proofs in Elijah being repeated by Elijah, they bowed down to him, even though he was their junior in the school of the prophets READ –PROV 27:18-19 


 “Attitude is the greatest in ministry, its is your attitude in ministry that will determine your ultitude” If you don’t have food character, you only have a call, but you don’t have a ministry.

(a) Character Assassination Character

Talking against a minister based on rumor is an error, because if such minister is higher than you in the realm of the spirit, then you are under a curse! Merriam + Aaron num 12:1-10

(b) Satanic Counselors.

Where there is a satanic counselor in your ministry advising  you in everything wrongly, then such ministry will soon close down – Rehoboam friends counsel 1kg12:1-16 lost 10 tribes in Israel  

(c) Evil Tongue

Some minister has used tongue to scatter their church, ministry & other peoples churches.

Why can’t you thame your own tongue (prov. 12:18; 15:2; 21:23; James 1:5-6;8).

(D) Unforgiveness.

  • It destroys anointing.
  • It opens doors for arrows & attacks
  • It opens doors for sickness &disease.
  • It’s the cheapest ticket to hell.
  1. 4M FACTOR
  • Ministry
  • Minister
  • Mysteries
  • Mastery

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