Maximizing Potentials and Opportunities


Life is about potentials and opportunities.

Life is a gift and not a right. We all have nothing to contribute to our personal existence by a way of the breath of life, features of the body, functionality of the parts of an individual body etc.

It is share stupidity and ingratitude to think our individual existence is self-sustained!

I see life as an opportunity.

A privilege of a rarity

The talent, gift and potentials inherent every individual is largely of divine deposit a making of the Almighty, an investment by the entire earth creator.

Nature creatures and earthly treasures are all at our disposal of call and bekon.

Natural air is free for all.

Hearing and visuality possibility is free for all.

Walking and swinging is free.

Sanity and security.

All of such treasures are enjoyed with pleasures.

But what are we contributing to our world until we think on contributing to our world we may never have the singular opportunity to maximize opportunities however small or great, far or near, now or never!

I define potentials as the hidden ability and capability associated with the human entity.

Experts in psychology and human behavior makes us understand that the average person utilize only 10-20 % of the capacity of his brain.

This fact suggest to the reality that every success ever achieved or to be achieved on planet earth was and is based on mental exaction through our pilling workloads on this 20%, and living 80% to rot away.

This also suggest why Dr-Myles Munroe concluded by saying cemetery is the richest part of the planet earth.

For within such confinement lies:

(1)The best song that was never released a label.

(2)The best film script that was never acted or recorded as a movie.

(3)The best inventor that never saw the light of the day.

(4)Therein has the best gospel that was never preached.

(5)The greatest geniunes on planet earth whose voice or words were never for once heard let be known.

This is what I call-‘’Tragedy potentials’’.

My personal conclusion about this opinion is backed up scriptures-Ecc. 9:13-18.

                               HOW TO DEVELOP POTENTIALS

First we must understand that our individual potential is the inherent deposit of our talents and gift.

So I am going to explain and expantiate on the two ways I know we can develop our potentials to the maximum.


Every individual potential is hidden under his personal identity.

Not until you are able to discover who you are, you may never know what you have

IDENTITY: is defined as ‘’personal instinct of one’s individual genetic virtues and values.

There is also three dimensions mortal man’s identity. these are-celestial, terestial and industrial identity.

(A)CELESTIAL IDENTITY: This has to do with man’s individual separation unto GOD , his creator.

Such separation inform of your spiritual connectivity with divinity, it also help you in discovering and decoding spiritual matters, details, reasons, what your personal obligation and responsibility as an heavenly citizen who resides on earth should be.

 This informs why Africans are predominantly known for celestial identity development-Africans are the greatest searchers and researchers on heavenly matters.

(B)TERESTIAL IDENTITY: This is the personal separation to oneself carrying out a search of your-self.

In this course of researching on yourself you’re bound to come across your individual talents and gifts.

Your terrestial identity helps you discover your earthly relevance.

This informs why Americans and Europeans predominantly known for terrestial identity development-Americans and Europeans are the greatest researchers of earthly virtues and values, through inventors, innovators, creations and other numerous ideologies that has helped humanity live a better and profitable life on earth.

(C)INDUSTRIAL IDENTITY: This is the separation of man to his work.

This is where industrialists and industrial activities holds way.

Industrial identity is the marital connectivity between a man and his work.

The Japanese, Indians, Chinese are predominantly known for industrial identity development. They lead the world in terms of industrial development and achievement.         

.Celestial identity is the personal development of an individual spirit via spiritual maximally.

Terrestial identity is the development of an individual’s mentality by engaging the mind or the soul maximally.

Industrial identity is the personal development of an individual’s skills through engagement of the body maximally!


Individually speaking, every human beings is created along with a certain deposit of talent and gifts, believe it or not.

Discovery and usage of such deposit is individualistic in nature.

Some after discovering them may use it for good or bad reasons and seasons.

Originally, man is created a free moral agent in order word, you decide what you want to do with your life, so also you decide what you desire to engage your talents and gifts in.

Example: matthew 25:14-30.


The mystery behind potential maximizing is usually birthed on the platform of opportunity, where there is no opportunity, potentials cannot be maximized fully.

David never dreamt of facing, fighting or conquering goliath yet he had the potential for such hidden within his system when the opportunity came it was the mastery weapon of his shepherdis assignment he also engaged in bringing down a human mountain in the person of goliath which means while he was   developing how to kill rabbits the potential for killing she bear was developed unknowingly-it also means the day he killed a she bear the potential for killing lion was developed in him until the same potential led him to kill goliath-a world little champion without any record of losses!

This is the mystery behind potentials maximization, availability and dexterity of the pebble usage in bringing down mountains, doing great things from small things accomplish


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