The human identity dynamics is a complex system. Human understanding of his individual composition or formation suffers partial comprehension due to incomplete information.  The reason many could not and will not fulfill personal mandate is as a result of the negligence or ignorance of the availability of this human dynamics possibility.

Man was naturally created a trinity being.  Essentially; man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. Man was fully packaged as a celestial, terrestrial, industrial being.

  • Many are stuck in the celestial- with the assumption that celestial identity alone could fetch one personal holistic capacity on the earth; such believe is nothing but absolute illusion! You can be spiritually loaded and at the same time be earthly stranded. The best spiritual knowledge offers is power and spiritual protection!
  • Some others are equally stuck in the terrestrial – though the terrestrial is good because it is a location where talents, gifts and ideas are valued and traded for profitability. It is a realm where fame and wealth command global attention and attract commensurate compensation while it lasted. But it is also good to know you can enjoy fame today and become lame tomorrow! The terrestrial realm is open to diverse vulnerability hence you and I can’t survive in the terrestrial without adequate back up from the celestial.
  • Few others are stuck in the industrial – they are brainwash into the assumption that says “Hardwork is the solution to human needs” Unfortunately, the most hard working artisan has never been known to become the world richest, except those who marry creativity with hard work!

Therefore, it is expedient we find the balance to the three dynamics of the human identity!


There are many ways with which one can maximize his celestial identity with profitability.


The journey begins from this point. You must discover what was said about you before, during and after you were born [ Jer.1:5; Lk. 1:13-15, 30-32]

Not until you search out your personal human foundation you may continue to live in confusion and eventually die in frustration. Everybody has a prophetic track record documented in the invisible.

NOTE: Every human being is the sum total of his personal prophetic foundation [positive or negative]!

EG: Jakob I love , Esau I hated! This is God speaking and not man [Ps.115:3].


Your personal association is what determined your situation per time

There are certain levels in the realm of the spirit you’re not granted access into except for the personality or principality you’re associated with. The spirit realms operate in hierarchy and order.

Prayer, fasting and tongues are not major criteria for accessibility but only prophetic association carries the capacity for such opportunity and accessibility:

The men with Joshua the high priest encountered spiritual promotion automatically without ordination.

Gehazi was opportuned to see angelic host because of Elisha despite his carnality character.

The association of Peter, James , John with Jesus qualified them to see Moses and Elijah live without any protocol or spiritual boomerang.


Prophetic impartation is the platform where transference of unction to function in the celestial is usually released. The impartation of a higher vessel spiritually is one of the major avenues for experiencing spiritual elevation.

SAUL came into the prophetic and began to prophecy without attending the school of the prophets!

7 spirits of God came upon David from the day Samuel anointed him king, with tangible manifestations!

The spirit of God, of signs and wonders came upon Joshua after Moses laid hands on him by God’s instruction!

NOTE: Prophetic impartation naturally lunches one into the realm of the supernatural because of the transportation of a spiritual personality that is accepted in the celestial and with strict instruction!


It does not matter your level of preparation, prophetic visitation is according to God’s discretion and personal decision! It’s an issue of sovereignty and not human dignity or spirituality! When such visitation occurs the visited is necessarily going to change level spiritually:

*Ordinary Mary was suddenly transformed into an extraordinary mother of our Lord JESUS CHRIST via supernatural visitation of God [through the angels].

*God visited Gideon in the form of an angel, empowered him and that caused him to generate unprecedented exploits without any formal spiritual training!


We can also maximize our personal celestial identity by provoking the prophetic positively.

NB: SEEDS can purchase the anointing both from inside and outside the kingdom.

*Isaac released the generational family prophetic mandate and mantle upon Jacob because of the venison – instead of Esau.

*The first gift Saul brought to Samuel from the first day they met provoked the prophetic grace upon Samuel to turn Saul into a prophet.

*when Mary Magdalene broke the alabaster box because of Jesus – Jesus immediately fast forwarded her personality into the prophetic, even though she was still living in carnality – no wonder it was her Jesus sent to the disciples after he had risen from the dead.

You can provoke it!


Enoch walked with God until he physically disappeared into the celestial world.

Isiah said “I will pour water upon he that is thirsty, I will pour floods upon your dry land.”


Personal holiness is the understanding and addiction to strict instructions as required of you to fulfill your mandate. Personal holiness is not general holiness! It is a guiding rule, spiritual benchmark given to a personality as the standard for measuring his spiritual leadership in the terrestrial. [Exo. 4:19, Num. 1:52,2:2-3, Isiah 49:22,59:19,62:10,Jer.4:6,50:2]

NB: human celestial identity of his personality is what I call – The centre of gravity, a point where humanity is connected to divinity. A channel where the breath of God is deposited into the lungs of man, which is also eventually culminate into life.


                                               MIND – IDEA - BIRTH

  • Personal terrestrial identity is mans discovery of his individual territory on the earth.
  • It is the understanding of your personal earthly virtues and values.
  • It is the awakening of your personal mental resources.

In the celestial, man is limited in capacity but in the terrestrial, man is unlimited in terms of capacity building [GEN 11:6, EPH 3:20]. Man was created a free moral agent – he is at liberty to make a choice either positive or negative. Just as success is not an accident, so also, failure is not an accident. There is no man who came into the world through accidental discharge. Whether you are born into or out of wedlock, both do not possess the power to place you under any padlock.

ill luck and good luck are basically products of the use or the lack of  use of your potentials. However, the terrestrial realm requires strategies for productive navigation.

      NEW MIND

Everyone is born with a state of mind, but from the age of thirteen, the human mind begins to take a new dimension, depending on the information acquired.


In the context of this lecture, mind is defined as: Mental Investment Notable Development.

Ironically, everybody in the world is investing the mind at one particular time or the other, both for positive or negative purposes, including the insane.

Where differences lies among individuals is what eventually become of each one of us; which is the sum total, tangible attestation to our individual mental accreditation.


Before you can become an inventor or innovator, you must first register in the creative thinking academy.

  • Thinkers are stickers, the word of a thinker sticks.
  • Talkers are stinkers, the word of a talker stinks.

The reason the world is in shambles this 21st century is because we have too many self acclaimed orators, but what the world needs now are oracles.

Orators cause more obstacles but the oracles provoke miracles and not obstacles!

Therefore, I challenge every godly oracle in the 21st century to appear as I announce to orators to disappear in Jesus name.

  • Creative thinking is personal creation of a thought line after a thorough observation, conviction and decision as the solution to a given critical solution.

Summarily, creative thinking is the act of subjecting your personal mentality to the three processes of rationalized reasoning, analyzed reasoning, specialized reasoning, through mental exertion or by the service of invisible thought adjusters from the supernatural!


Individual Destiny Exploits Acquisition Strategies.

The composition of ideas is systematic in nature. It has strategies and processes.

Every invention or innovation on the face of the earth is basically a product of human ideology! Every ideology is a product. Every product is systematically designed to solve a unique problem, through the medium of goods or services.


Not until there is human sensitivity to a dire need in humanity, the birth of idea remains impossible. Ironically, anytime an idea comes to mind in a certain part of the world, it naturally approves the fact that a need for such idea is already in existence in another part of the world.


Prior to the birth of any global idea, there are invisible forces that are responsible for influencing the thought of the natural man [all gender] toward the creation of such notable ideas. Such men and women are carefully, distinguished, sorted and selected from among the billions of people on the face of the earth. The selected few are chosen from among the available thinkers!


These thought adjusters cannot be identified by any mortal man. They are neither UFO or IFO. They are superior to the normal angels the human is familiar with. Their primary assignment is to influence the thoughts of the mortal from the immortal realm, through what i identified as TAM – Thought Adjusters  Mechanism: These thought adjustment agents possess the celestial authority and ability to penetrate through every sphere of life. They have no geographical limitation or restriction in the mortal and immortal realms. There is no sector they cannot influence, whether created and yet to be created territories. As a matter of fact, they are being deployed to some locations before a certain territory is created or an ideologist is physically born! They have the following information at their disposal:

  • The nature of Invention
  • Location of Invention
  • Personality prepared for such Invention
  • Dispensation for such Invention
  • Purpose for the Invention

This revelation is beyond human comprehension.

Apparently, there are positive and negative thought adjusters. The two forces are indirectly responsible for the constructive and destructive inventions we experience around the world today. Every human being involved in one positive or negative change around the world is merely identified by names and faces, yet the actual perpetrators remain invisible forever!


The formation of ideas comes with a unique process. The processes are as follows:

  • OBSERVATION – dedicated concentration
  • PERCEPTION -- sensitivity
  • RECEPTION --  Acceptability
  • COMPREHENSION -- understanding
  • COORDINATION – documentation

The above structure is a proof that you have captured an IDEA totally!


More often, just like the celestial, our terrestrial ability and capacity is built up overtime as a result of some of the following factors:

  • Connection to productive mentors
  • Resourceful Peer group
  • Personal isolation for reasoning daily
  • Keeping solitude moments
  • Books that place focus on your life goals
  • Media platforms for current/relevant information
  • Personal mental reception

Three out of the above thrives on what I call: Human Mental Intercourse [HMI].


Industrial identity is personal separation to a certain activity with tenacity!

This is where human skill is unfolded and demonstrated.

  • A platform for the execution of dexterity
  • A platform where vision is converted to into action
  • A platform for the execution of acquired energy

Expertise is developed through industrial identity, when the individual invest quality hours of intensive energy into his profession on a daily bases for a minimum of 5 years at a stretch.

Industrial identity can be maximized through the observation of the following:

  • Identification of personal activity
  • Understanding of personal niche market
  • Registration of prompt availability to accepted assignment
  • Work mentality and consistency
  • Working into creativity and productivity
  • Personal affection and enthusiasm for one’s profession etc.


This is the best of all creation. In that only humans enjoy being the singular creature with triune nature of the spirit, soul and body!


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