Understanding The Character of Time


The reality of life is the reality of the sum totality of life. What do i mean by this; everyone individually has equal time of 24hrs per day deposited into personal account – what we do (individually) with the time availability is personal responsibility and prerogative and liberty.

Our individual choice of investment of time is where our priorities and disparities reside.

ln the subject of TIME- l will be sharing with you the character of TIME with which (after you must have digested this resource), after in-depth analytical reality of its contents-you will yourself be convinced that the character of TIME is not in support of anyone; class,creed,gender etc. TIME could have been fair to some and unfair to some others (so some assume),especially who must have been unfortunate in between their lifetime!

My definition of time is:






You cannot unravel the essence and mystery of time in human existence except you have first understood the reality of time’s terminal possibility! I gave the above definition recently in a business class while speaking to CEO’S and other leaders and entrepreneurs on the relevance of accurate time allocation in developing and delegating a trained TEAM!

I said; every product has expiration date affixed by each manufacturer to the product before such is dispatched for distribution for final consumption.

It doesn’t matter the cost of the amount of the product, once the validity period expires the relevance goes into extinction – to use such product after its validity expiration is to run the risk of experiencing tragedy and vulnerability. The product purpose is terminated at the end of its validity expiration.

  • In the same vein is every human life time is terminal!

    The reason you hear the phrase daily “Lifetime”, is to validate the reality of the fact that every human, being has designated life time- irrespective of age, race, gender, status, position, religion class etc.

    You are subject to expire! Just like the product we make use of and dispose off when it expires.

    As product manufactured by men has its expiry date so also we humans have individual expiration date (as designed by God).

    I don’t care whether you are used, misused, unused or disused or abused- you are bound to expire someday and sometime!


    Time is a product.

    Time is a product of investment that is made available to all stake holders, especially to investors who possess the capacity to maximise such with dexterity and productivity. Time is the sum total of life; hence you can’t stop hearing the phrase “lifetime”

    You can not easily separate human life from the human time. In the same vein you cannot separate the product manufactured time from the value it pulls per time(within the confinement of same time).

    Every product and service is valued based on the relevance it command at a particular time.

    For instance, every business supplies enjoyed by entrepreneurs and their various customers are based and tied to time factors. When foods are supplied at a latter date other than that which was agreed upon, such is bound to amount to breach of contract and losses!

    In one of my resource papers!l said the earth is a world’s business center!

    Survival in the world business center is largely determined by each human involvement in buying or selling. You cannot survive outside buying or selling because no human being can supply all his personal needs

    The fact remains this;

    The difference between the rich and the poor is Time investment.

    What and how each entrepreneur invest his/her time in/on is what eventually determines the lot of such in his/her life time.


    Time is momentary in nature.

    Time revolves and evolves around events and history. This is where individual priority come in.

    What you and i do each moment of our individual part time/full time is what determine the sum total our individual “life time”

    The question is;

    How effective do you invest your each moment of time?

    The calculation of each moment of your life is what summarized your life time’ personally, i spend my time reading & writing – do you spend watching Tv or daily on social media period.

    Now evaluate the dividend each one of us get back from each moment and all moment in totality of Time we have spent on these avenues- because they determine our (individual) success or failure eventually in life.


    Time is a legal tender.

    Time is meant to be expended and not wasted.

    Time is a global legal tender. Time possess the same value globally!

    The value of the product we expend our individual lot in our life time.

    Wisdom demands you expend your personal time on a product or service that offers higher income that is commensurate witb your personal value – rather than waste time on what offer peanuts!

    For instance the commercial pilot and presidential pilot are both professionals yet their individual pat pack is never in the same volume.

    The more time one invest in his product or service to make such quality determines the value such product attract in terms of worth,

    There are talkers on both twitter and facebook. Each platform call for time consumption, yet the purpose behind each individual expense on these platform per time culminate in certain degrees of reward yet, you sure do know that the space on facebook, is unlimited but that of twitter per slot or insertion. Whether limited or unlimited the question is what is the profit margin?


    Time discipline is learning the truth of time management.

    Time is the 24 hours innumber; such brevity helps us understand the brevity of life.

    Not until you re-evaluate your life and restructure your time, you may as well lead a wasted life time without adding value to life in all of your life time!

    Dominion Oluyadi

    *Director- Corporate Character Dev. & Mgt. Sch*







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