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International Public Leadership character Conference 2019

Attention: To prospective conference attendee

“When money is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost but when character is lost, everything is lost”

Great leaders without character have gone down in history as failures. if you need an example talk about the likes of Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and even at home front Sanni Abacha. These men made things happen in their days they were gods and wielded enormous power but lacked one major ingredient; character.

Leader like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Barrack Obama, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan have something that stands them apart; that thing is character.

While training in characters are deeply rooted in cultural norms and belief of a society e.g. The omoluabi ethos, leadership character are not inherited in culture, instead they are a product of conscious effort to be a great leaders and to do beyond the ordinary.

The conference promises to serve you character and leadership in one plate. Get ready to soar high.

Leadership and character is best learnt from men who have proven beyond doubt to be great leaders. The character development and management school for the first time in the history of the world brings leadership + character into one room and one seminal.

Ingredient 1:

First lecture focuses on Patriotic Leadership Character antecedents.

All conference attendees shall be opportune to come face to face with strategy that unveil hidden pillars of leadership character management such as:

    • Human management character
    • Leadership vulnerability character
    • Undertaker’s mentality character
    • Strategic team-character
    • Strategic patriotism character in leadership
    • Corporate character in organization/governance
    • General organizational management character, etc.

The second lecture at the conference focuses on Patriotic Leadership Character Impact.

Where this is going to be is interesting. The speaker Mr Olajide Aina — is the current best staff, Lagos winning award of the year 2018. conference attendees will have the privilege of learning from someone who has acquired diverse knowledge in

    • Public management expertise
    • Public management impact [possibility] technicality
    • Patriotic public leadership definition
    • Patriotic leadership impact challenges
    • Patriotic leadership impact dividends
    • General public management in leadership etc.

Apparently, we all are aware of the fact that government officials deal directly with public. By doing so, such set of leaders must have what it takes to manage mammoth human traffic by virtue of large patronage they experience daily.

Every attendee who desire public/patriotic leadership character effectiveness and impact for himself or organization will no doubt have what to take away from this conference.

The Third lecture focuses on Unpatriotic Leadership Character Hazards

The professor handling this is on the list of the first twenty among the lecturers of Covenant University.

Professor Conrad Omonhinmi is one of my mentors. I have learnt a lot about leadership character from him

We all aware that Dr. David Oyedepo—Chancellor Covenant University is a highly disciplined educationist. Definitely, every professor serving under his leadership must have been thoroughly screened and found to be credible enough to dispose, dispense and define his or her public leadership office in order too remain relevant in such institution.

I believe without doubt that the professor is going to open each conference attendee up to defend their organizational management character after learning about the ripple effect of unpatriotic leadership character in the organization, governance and career etc.

Furthermore, personal, I will be giving out the E—copies of my book to the first 30 people to register for the conference.

Character University Devotions

The character of time

I wish every attendee best of learning ahead of the conference.

Yours truly,

Dominion Oluyadi (CPEM, FAIE, FCCD),

Director—Corporate Character Dev. Mgt Sch.

25th July 2019.

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