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Juvenile Character Development Academy [Div. of Corporate Character Development & Management School, with registration code – (Rc: 1535149) has a mandate with a core value towards: Students’ Character Reformation!

 What is our passion?

Our passion to see such mandate accomplished via eye opening lectures that should culminate in character liberation and mental transformation of each student that is connected with open mind.

Why the necessity?

Statistics has proved again and again, that youths and young adults predominantly dominate the number or fellows involved in crimes. The worst recently added, is the rate at which teenagers and youths commit suicide. We learnt of fourteen years old boy who committed suicide because his girlfriend left him. Another sixteen years old girl was said to have beheaded the father for money ritual. Also a young boy who connived along with his mother and pastor to eliminate his girlfriend


It has been observed by experts that Juvenile delinquency is one of the major results of parental absence! Such absence does not necessarily mean death of either of the parents as it were; but such connotes parental unavailability.

Child moral upbringing is expected to be the primary priority of ALL parents in the world! Where such responsibility is neglected or relegated, the moral development of the child in question may likely be affected. When parents fail in their duties toward moral development of their offspring/wards, apparently, such responsibility is tactically shifted to available citadels of learning to provide scholastic methods as substitute for such child’s moral upbringing!

In close observation, it was noted that over 75% of most schools curricular activities are channeled towards mental/skill development of students. Only a little is allotted to moral development. Even where some schools push beyond the average in terms of moral structures yet such effort is not enough when compared to the mental capacity of students, statistically!


Politically, It is possible that one of your students will eventually get into the position of leadership in the nearest future and when such happens, the profile of each one is going to be read, publicly

Character Contents

  • Will such leader join other leaders in throwing chairs at the Parliament
  • Will such leader join others in looting nation’s treasury
  • Will such leader join others in rigging elections, etc.

You can vouch for such leader only if you’re sure of his/her character content and such can only be inculcated in them at juvenile stage. Apparently once they get admitted into university they are allowed to make choices – choice is a product of acquired values [especially that imbibed at teen/youth ages].


  • "Character building begins in our infancy until death" – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • "True education does not exist merely in the acquiring of science, history, literature or art but in the development of character" – David O. Mckay
  • "The function of education is to think intensively and think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education" – Martin Luther King
  • "Knowledge has outstripped character development and the young today are given education rather than an upbringing" – Ilya Ehrenburg
  • "To educate a person in the mind but not in the morals is to educate a menace to society" – Theodore Roosevelt



There are quite many attractive schools, with enticing physical structures; yet lacks quality teachers with required standard and moral character needed to drive such school into its envisaged future.  On the other hand, there are also schools, though on the average in terms of physical structures, but very fortunate to have teachers with the suitable qualities and moral character required by an institution to withstand the test of time among its institutional contemporaries – this is relational!

Above all, the best stability and sustainability a secondary school requires to enjoy an enduring moral culture is the establishment of Juvenile Character Development Education. When such department is eventually created, the school management is then assured of breeding what I refer to as “THE TOTAL STUDENT


The core intention of our organization is:

  • Build juvenile character values in students
  • Provide students with self - development template
  • Make available audio training materials [optional].
  • Unveil to each student’s personal development methodology
  • Create a new moral development values with simplicity [for each student’s practice possibility] etc.

In the light of the above, we have carefully developed the following synopses, which are tailored with uttermost suitability for holistic moral character development of the 21st century students - beginning from secondary schools!


  1. Windows of the mind
  2. What’s your ambition?
  3. What’s your vision?
  4. Ambition/vision disparities
  5. Change your parents?
  6. Change agent in your school?
  7. Lazy at domestics
  8. Celebrate your parents
  9. Eagles and turtles disparities
  10. 1st class mindset
  11. What’s your personal worth?
  12. What’s your earthly value?
  13. Celebrate your teachers
  14. Who’s influencing you
  15. You’re not inferior
  16. What’s Your brain worth
  17. Put your school in Guinness record
  18. The leader in you
  19. Your brain matters
  20. Peer group reevaluation
  21. You’re your school ambassador, etc


  1. We offer lectures on Juvenile Character Development to students
  2. We provide students with audio lectures [optional]
  3. We make available lectures as literatures texts at subsidized rates
  4. We involve parents in the exercise by providing PG. lectures
  5. We offer teachers relevant courses on Leadership Character
  6. We set quarterly exams for students to ascertain their level of understanding on the subject
  7. We organize students into different groups so as to develop and deliver an individual paper on three chosen subjects, from the whole as project to be presented during inter house- character- competition.
  8. We also organize Juvenile Character Ambassador’s Competition among secondary schools in different categories and localities. Etc.

We are the best in what we do!!....We take pride in our records!!

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