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Character is one subject, the world has relegated for ages, especially the business world.

Corporations and many organizations around the world invest billions of dollars each year in research and strategy in order to survive in the business world.

Unfortunately, character development is relegated in such efforts and drive and as such ignorant ignominy has become the undoing of most of the organizations and leaders – its either leaders are sued for assaults or organizations are sued for substandard goods and services and in no time – such affected organization (and leadership) becomes history!

What is missing? – Character!

This is the precursor for this book.

It  promises amongst others; to unveil the reality of character development simplicities by which when leaders accept, believe, imbibe and practice its principles, then; it is sure whatever business such ventures into  - to a large extent not going to suffer litigations in all ramifications!



More often than not, many people have said quite a lot about Donald Trump.

Many have misinterpreted his personality based on his perceived view about issues. Many are not aware of his intents and contents. Donald Trump has become a very controversial personality and as president [of the United States of America]!

Sometimes some few join in the conversation without having found out the truth about the very issue, or the subject discussed. I believe he has enough capacity to absorb each opposition as it comes. Such is what I call – “Leadership Vulnerability”!

This book is not out to put Donald Trump in a good light, neither is such a target to judge his personality. It’s meant to bridge the gap between Trump & the world, in terms of interpretation.


The mindset of majority among political stakeholders is centered on – do – whatever – to - win – whatever!  Several homes and communities are dejectedly forced into undeserved horrors and sorrowful experiences due to political leadership insensitivity - owing to political rivalry and unnecessary hostility between various parties.

The true worth of the human character is worth more than the value of the whole world put together! The human character has no substitute whatsoever in estimable value. This devotional will among other things – teach you how to evaluate your personal character by developing:

  • Character - core values
  • Character reclamation principles
  • Character reorientation mentality
  • Character recreation ability
  • Character reformation with simplicity!

Welcome to your development of next level altitude via next level attitudes.

Dominion D. Oluyadi

Director - Corporate character Dev. & Mgt. School







360 Degrees Entrepreneur was written for the encouragement of all entrepreneurs especially African Entrepreneurs. Global dynamism has made it that business survival is more of the survival of the fittest; such survival is not actually by merit or earning - rather its by strategies and warfare though such is not really scientific or humanistic, rather is more of mental warfare and business warfare.

360 Degree Entrepreneur captures and chronicled entrepreneurs:

  • Unavoidable Predicament
  • Business lacuna
  • Unprecedented abilities
  • Mental Possibilities
  • Deceptions and Internal Oppositions
  • Business brutality and rivalries
  • Opportunities, realities and legalities


- Time is a legal tender.
- Time is meant to be expended and not wasted.
- Time is a global legal tender. Time possess the same value globally!
The value of the product we expend our individual lot in our life time.
Wisdom demands you expend your personal time on a product or service that offers higher income that is commensurate with your personal value - rather than waste time on what offer peanuts!
For instance the commercial pilot and presidential pilot are both professionals yet their individual pat pack is never in the same volume.
The more time one invest in his product or service to make such quality determines the value such product attract in terms of worth


Character University is a product of necessity! We are in the era of social media pollution and manipulation. The mind of many has been formed of a wrong concepts and imagination and mental illusion. Character University Devotion has been created with the urgent mission to forestall  the menace of character deficiency at all level in human through the following:

  • Core Value
  • Character Reclamation
  • Character Recreation
  • Character Reorientation
  • Character Reformation


 Man hurts man because previous values of past centuries are relegated, and thrown away like a baby and it’s bath water.
 Lying has become a norm to most societies of the world.
 No one is queried about the source of riches acquired.
 Leaders in nations are busy manipulating the constitutions of their nations in order to sooth their corrupt practices and impunity.
 The legal courts we used to know as reliable home of justice has lost it’s judiciary-credibility and values, because politicians have bought the conscience of judges.
 This why [I believe], citizens throw caution to the wind by flaunting constituted laws.
 Parents are not left out of this character lacuna, hence they have equally thrown caution to the wind, as a result; such holistic breakdown of laws and values has metamorphosed into juvenile delinquency.
Such character-pandemics, ravaging the world, especially, affected by Africa and by Africans – it is the precursor for this book - Character Driven Life!
Make up your mind [to join in waging war against this pandemic], before it degenerates [even to your own detriment]!
Dominion D. Oluyadi
Character Embassy
28th February, 2020.


We are living in a digital age. The global circulation of the information technology and other information – dissemination devices has made it possible for every minor information extracted from human ideologies go viral in few seconds by a fingertip!

Information technology reality does possess its good sides and bad sides. Digital space makes it possible for the western folks – youths especially, to upload their [digitally] packaged ideologies via pictorial-graphics, in such way that it appears to be real, meanwhile ninety percent of such presentations are not!

You’re not inferior was created to immediately; withdraw, dissuade and destroy such mental relegation ideology, infused into our youths for several generations now – by helping each one see realities in human-equality, irrespective of color, race, gender, creed, etc.


We have the practical example of what process is like before us in whatever part of the world we live.

For instance, we can use the birth of a child as a perfect example. There is no normal child who walks on his own the day such is given birth to.

Every part of the child begins to transform from one sort of form to another as the days, months and years go by, in the same vein – a students’ productivity in the school of process is not a magic wand but a conscious, deliberate and determined activity.

More often, it is normal to expect to be celebrated but somehow you discovered you are barely tolerated rather you’re relegated, it’s because you’re not needed!

For you to be needed you must be loaded and to be loaded you must be prepared, if you’re not prepared you won’t be preferred – all these involves process!



Many were asking if the first edition of Juvenile Character Devotional was going to be the last. Some said since they noted a tag bearing, “volume 1” – when is the second edition going to be out. Others kept their questions, opinions, and assumptions to themselves!

Anyway, here is the second edition. Moreover, I believe the publication of this edition is going to [of no doubt] cushion the effect of everyone’s doubt as to – if, if, if, etc.


Every edition is meant to serve for a quarter – I mean for three months at a stretch. The idea is so each juvenile could have the more opportunity of assimilating the contents in each edition productively! 

Also, this edition is titled after The Ambassador’s School, as a support to the founders’ vision towards raising young ambassadors capable of reforming the world – by first being reformed, via character values!  

In conclusion, I believe you will find the second edition also interesting like as the first or possibly (more interesting] better - depending on your expectation.

Welcome to the World’s Greatest Juvenile World!

Dominion D. Oluyadi

February 2nd, 2020





The world is in the midst of global confusion – in terms of knowledge!...Knowledge is fundamentally one individual’s mindset. When mindset is pushed out of an individual’s domain into the media or digital space and it is able to gain little attention, such individual’s ideology becomes many other individuals’ ideology.

Unfortunately, youths are the most vulnerable in this quagmire. Such is the global experience in the 21st century – youths are carried away with social media stuffs and junks. Ignorantly for them, 89% of what is paraded on social media platforms are more of repacked stuffs – not actually genuine. Such generational malady is the major undoing, beclouding the 21st century youths!

In the light of the above, is the subject matter of the lecture’s caption- Student’s Discipline Simplicities

It promises to unveil the principles provided for each youth’s escape from global – immoral contamination ravaging the 21st century!


It’s quite unfortunate that many students see students’ dispensation as the sole responsibility of parents. Others even think going to school is doing their parents a favor – on the contrary!

Rather, parents are making education available to children (through different productive learning platforms) in essence; impacting knowledge into children (students) from childhood so such could turn out to be good fellows in adulthood.

However how productive driven such ideas may seem; yet students must also be informed of the necessity to make meaningful contributions to such investment so the efforts [of both teachers and parents] won’t turn out to be a wasted adventure in the long run!

This is the essence of world greatest students’ nuggets – an attempt to reposition students mentally, rightly and productively!


Recently a leading school head teacher was speaking to me about students’ attitudes, within the ambience of school – where she has been serving for over two decades – within the school itself [over three decades in active practice].

She made me realize she had sort of become acclimatized with,[ not just the school but] the attitude of the students generally.

In the nutshell, I could perceive the complacency in her tone, and I could better sum it up that she had given up on the possibility of reviving the required attitude expected from students!

Anyways, I am here to offer and proffer simple, flexible yet technical options that requires tenacity and acceptability [both by students and teachers] which possess the capacity to enshrine positive [enduring] attitude [development] in students.

Building productive attitude in students is bound to remove the scales in students’ eyes and also help arouse their individual interest in pursuing personal character building with zest and zeal!


It has been observed lately that teachers in certain schools also contribute to juvenile delinquencies – especially of students!

Unfortunately, we are certificate driven in Africa – one thing we jump at while screening teachers is perusing their certificate. Many things contribute to the certificate. One thing is to have a good certificate, another is to be articulate. Certificates can be manipulated to a large extent but articulacy can't!

We need character – driven teachers in our schools, without such our students may not be completely safe (in all ramifications)

Dr. Dominion Oluyadi – A renowned character development expert has added another mind building buster to his libraries of productions [for Juvenile Character Development Education), especially for the African continent!


The ideology behind this anointed material is not for the promulgation of canal applaud but to the glorification of divinity in all realms of humanity.

The man of God in question here [Prophet T.B. Joshua], is not and has never been known to be a flamboyant personality in all fairness to man. Hence, at most times the man of God is noticed extremely in the fashion of humility; which is (I presume) in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ - according to biblical documentation:

Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.

But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of man:

And being found in fashion of as a man, he humbled himself...  

(Philip 2:6-8).

There are quite various apostles in the world, nevertheless; there are very few who toll the charity line. On the contrary, the man of God with whom this anointed material is dedicated to is a practical example in this generation and dispensation. He   tends to stand out among his apostolic peers - as a passionate, compassionate and available demonstrator of Jesus Charitable example in the present generation.

Talking about the apostle of charity - we are not just talking about the personality, activities; much more we are going to be considering the apostolic acts in the scriptures and its correlation with the Apostle of Charity - Prophet T.B. Joshua.



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