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360 Degree Entrepreneur was written for the encouragement of all entrepreneurs especially African Entrepreneurs. Global dynamism has made it that business survival is more of the survival of the fittest; such survival is not actually by merit or earning - rather its by strategies and warfare though such is not really scientific or humanistic, rather is more of mental warfare and business warfare.

360 Degree Entrepreneur captures and chronicled entrepreneurs:

  • Unavoidable Predicament
  • Business lacuna
  • Unprecedented abilities
  • Mental Possibilities
  • Deceptions and Internal Oppositions
  • Business brutality and rivalries
  • Opportunities, realities and legalities


Character University is a product of necessity! We are in the era of social media pollution and manipulation. The mind of many has been formed of a wrong concepts and imagination and mental illusion. Character University Devotion has been created with the urgent mission to forestall  the menace of character deficiency at all level in human through the following:

  • Core Value
  • Character Reclamation
  • Character Recreation
  • Character Reorientation
  • Character Reformation


Time is a legal tender.
Time is meant to be expended and not wasted.
Time is a global legal tender. Time possess the same value globally!
The value of the product we expend our individual lot in our life time.
Wisdom demands you expend your personal time on a product or service that offers higher income that is commensurate witb your personal value - rather than waste time on what offer peanuts!
For instance the commercial pilot and presidential pilot are both professionals yet their individual pat pack is never in the same volume.
The more time one invest in his product or service to make such quality determines the value such product attract in terms of worth,
There are talkers on both twitter and facebook. Each platform call for time consumption, yet the purpose behind each individual expense on these platform per time culminate in certain degrees of reward yet, you sure do know that the space on facebook, is unlimited but that of twitter per slot or insertion. Whether limited or unlimited the question is what is the profit